Testimonies From Teachings

Testimonies from Teachings

I have been blessed by so many things, but what has really impacted me is the teaching of faith, standing in faith and having faith in Gods Word – Serena, United Kingdom KCM has highered my faith. Standing on Gods word is now second nature. I have become debt free in the last year –… Read More

Effective evangelism training

Effective Evangelism Workshop for Our Partners

On Tuesday, 26th April 2022 we held our first ever virtual KCM Europe Evangelism Workshop, with three dynamic speakers – Riley Stephenson, Andrew Cannon and Amanda Conway. It was such an empowering time with our KCM partners being encouraged, taught, and imparted to with the spiritual tools, word and power of God. 180 delegates logged on,… Read More

20 Scriptures About Unity

20 Scriptures About Unity

Envying, strife and divisions had reduced the early Corinthian Christians back to the natural, or carnal, state that they were in before they were born again. It had so stunted their spiritual growth that they couldn’t understand the things the Apostle Paul wanted to teach them. Satan has sent the same spirit of division among… Read More