The Kingdom of God

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The kingdom of God is able to produce everything you will ever need, and is revealed to those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. If you know Jesus, the kingdom is inside you right now. And what God has planned for you is the greatest adventure of your life.

By learning and using the principles of the kingdom, you can experience success, victory and prosperity in every area.

In this series, Kenneth Copeland and Bill Winston uncover the secrets of the kingdom of God and explain that:

  • God wants to be your source and supply
  • The kingdom of God operates separately from the world’s system
  • You can function in the world without being controlled by the world

God desires to elevate your gifts so you can take dominion over the system of the world and move to a new level of peace, power and understanding. Learn to operate above the system of the world. The solutions to life’s problems are in the kingdom of God, where His principles work every time.

3 Messages on 3 CDs

Teaching on Compact Disc

By Kenneth Copeland and Bill Winston

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