The Blessing of the Lord it Maketh Rich


Everything starts with THE BLESSING of the Lord. Peace, prosperity, healing, joy and salvation—they are all part of God’s divine plan for you. And once you grab hold of the revelation of THE BLESSING, you can start to enjoy abundance in every area of your life.

In this revealing teaching, Kenneth Copeland shows you how to activate and connect with THE BLESSING, and explains that:

Prosperity does not come from the world, but from THE BLESSING of the Lord
As a believer, you have inherited THE BLESSING of Abraham through Jesus
THE BLESSING works 24 hours a day
And much more

It’s time to open the door to THE BLESSING and start enjoying what is already yours. Get this powerful teaching and learn how to unlock the power of THE BLESSING in your life—today!

Teaching on MP3 Disc

5 Messages on 1 MP3 Disc

by Kenneth Copeland

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