Explosive Faith Package


The Explosive Faith Package by Kenneth Copeland will help you discover and develop faith that will move your mountains. Just like the laws of nature, the laws of the spirit will work in every situation in your life!

This package includes two powerful tools that are sure to take your faith to higher levels, where you will experience a life of faith you have never known before!

The Force of Faith book by Kenneth Copeland

In The Force of Faith book, Kenneth Copeland helps you learn that faith is not just a religious word—it is a powerful force that will work in your life to make it all God intends it to be.

You will learn the differences and likenesses between physical laws and spiritual forces. Both can be counted on to work just as God intends them to work.

You received Jesus as an act of your faith. Find out ALL you received when you accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour!

Growing Your Faith Series by Kenneth Copeland

As you set aside time to listen to Growing Your Faith by Kenneth Copeland, you will discover the steps you can take to bring yourself to a higher level of faith…a level that will transform every aspect of your life!

God designed you to be a faith-filled and faith-living creation. God’s will is transferred from heaven to earth by your every act of faith. If even the smallest bit of faith can move a mountain, think about what growing faith can do!

God has great destiny for your life, and He is ready to launch you into that destiny by your explosive faith!

Available as an MP3 Disc and paperback book or as digital download. Get it straight away and postage free by ordering the digital download today!