Faith and the Covenant Package


You are in an everlasting covenant with God! In the Faith and the Covenant Package, Kenneth Copeland will guide you into the depths of your relationship with your Heavenly Father…a covenant that He initiated, and He fulfills!

This powerful package will build your trust in God’s desire to keep you in constant communication and interaction with Him. The Faith and the Covenant Package includes:

In The Blood Covenant, you will:

understand the irrevocable promise made to all mankind through the blood Jesus shed.
walk into the realization that sin and its consequences have been eradicated.
see that living in THE BLESSING of Abraham has always been God’s intent for His children.
receive revelation that hope and victory are the benefit of God’s covenant in every area of your life.

In The Force of Faith, you will:

see that God has planted four major forces in the spirit of the born-again believer.
gain a clear understanding of faith and its effect on your life
be assured that faith is greatest force in all creation
gain insight and inspiration to the power of faith

Order the Faith and the Covenant Package today, and begin to live by the strongest power on the face of the earth – the power of God inside you!