Fasting and Prayer


God has a perfect plan for you. He desires for you to be victorious in every area of your life. Getting His plan begins with getting to know Him through fellowship. And through fasting and prayer, you can enrich your fellowship with God and discover the details of His plan for your life.

In Kenneth Copeland’s classic series you will learn the biblical principles of fasting and prayer and how they work together that can bring you right into the presence of God. In this timeless teaching, your relationship with the Lord can be enriched as you discover the power in:
Discerning God’s will through effective and fervent prayer
Understanding why prayer must be based on the Word of God
Discovering the spiritual benefits of fasting
Exploring the results of fasting and prayer in the lives of God’s people
Start today to walk in the riches of God’s plan as you learn true fellowship with Him through Fasting and Prayer!


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