Growing Your Faith


It’s Time to Grow Your Faith!

Did you know when you made Jesus the Lord of your life, you were infused with powerful living faith? You are a joint heir with the Lamb of God. His living faith, His living Word and His very life are on the inside of you. So…how are you applying them?

In this timely teaching, Kenneth Copeland shares seven steps to growing your faith. He walks you through the Word of God, showing you how to take your faith to a higher level and transfer the power from heaven to earth with your faith-filled words.

Everything in the kingdom of God is subject to seedtime and harvest. Learn to operate in the kingdom principles explained in this teaching series, and begin to live like the glory is in you…because it is! It’s time to grow your faith and step into the destiny God has for you today!

Digital Audio Teaching

3 Messages

By Kenneth Copeland