Healing Promises


Is healing alive and well in your life—the way you want it to be?

God promised healing for His people. And God doesn’t break a promise. The same healing power you read about in the Bible is still around today. But where can you find that power?

You’ll find it in God’s Word. And now, you’ll find the scriptures related to healing conveniently gathered into one book…Healing Promises. This hands-on healing manual is presented in a way to give you practical application of God’s healing Word in your life. And, to help give you deep insights into healing, Healing Promises offers four translations of each scripture, including:

King James Version
The Amplified Bible
The James Moffatt Translation
The New English Bible
God’s Word is full of healing promises…and Healing Promises is full of God’s Word!

Digital Book

By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland