How to Take Your Authority Package

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Every born-again believer has spiritual power and authority to live a life of victory just as God intended. In the How to Take Your Authority Package you will see how to become a fully mature, power-wielding child of God!

This package includes tools to help you go from the baby stages of the Christian life to a more mature stage, so you can take your place of authority in God’s Kingdom.

You will discover the immense power in the name and in the blood of Jesus. These two weapons have power to thwart every attack the devil may throw your way. Plus, you will learn how to use your God-ordained authority to live the blessed life promised in God’s Word.

The timeless teachings in this package are from Kenneth E. Hagin and Billye Brim, ministers who present God’s truth both from His Word and from their own life experiences.


The How to Take Your Authority package includes:

  • Growing Up Spiritually – book by Kenneth E. Hagin
  • The Name of Jesus – book by Kenneth E. Hagin
  • The Power In The  Blood of Jesus – 5-CD set by Billye Brim

Learn how to take your authority with this life-changing package. Your world is waiting for you to step up and exercise the authority God has given you on this earth!

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