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Living in THE BLESSING Package

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You can live in THE BLESSING of the Lord every day of your life! In Kenneth Copeland’s Living in THE BLESSING Digital Package, you will see that THE BLESSING of The LORD is your inheritance as a child of God!

In this package, you will discover that God’s will for mankind since the day He created Adam and Eve is His BLESSING. He created you for the purpose only you can fulfil, and THE BLESSING is His provision for you to do and be all He has created in store for you!

Kenneth Copeland clearly teaches from God’s WORD that God intends for every living thing on this earth to be blessed. And you have an important role in experiencing and demonstrating THE BLESSING in your world.

The Living in THE BLESSING Digital Package includes:
• THE BLESSING of the Lord It Maketh Rich MP3 by Kenneth Copeland
• BLESSED to be a BLESSING PDF book by Kenneth Copeland

Discover the abundance of THE BLESSING, which includes everything you have ever received from God—peace, prosperity, healing, joy and salvation. You are BLESSED, and you are a BLESSING!

Request the Living in THE BLESSING Package by Kenneth Copeland today for FREE, so you can begin to enjoy THE BLESSING of God and live in it all the days of your life!

This product is being made available to you in a digital format as we are currently unable to mail physical product from the KCM office.