Miraculous Love Package


In the Miraculous Love Package, Kenneth Copeland will help you to both receive God’s love for you and give His love to others in your life. You will discover a brand new, miraculous life of love!

God has called His people to be agents of His love and miracles in this world. The time is right now for believer’s to step up to the call and experience the miraculous power in God’s love!

True love has the power to change lives – both yours and the people in your world. Kenneth Copeland reveals the key that will make love flow between God’s people as they have never known before.

The Miraculous Love Package includes:

  • Walking in the Realm of the Miraculous book by Kenneth Copeland
  • The Force of Forgiveness CD by Kenneth Copeland

Now is the time for you to go deeper into the realm of God’s miracles and to go higher into the realm of love as you have never known it before!

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