Seven Steps to Prayer That Bring Results


You can experience prayer that is 100 percent effective. But, you must know how to pray according to the will and the Word of God. The Bible clearly defines the formula for successful prayer. If people don’t study the Bible, they never learn how to pray successfully. Sometimes they pray based on what they think or feel is right. But that kind of prayer is ineffective.

If you’re ready to experience a 100 percent success rate in prayer, learn the right way to pray—God’s way. In this dynamic series, Kenneth Copeland outlines the seven steps to prayer that produce results. You’ll learn:

The Scriptural basis of effective prayer
How to apply your faith
How to stop doubt and fear
How to see yourself succeed
How to meet the needs of someone else
Effective prayer is the basis to living a successful, overcoming Christian life. God has magnificent plans for you. He has set aside an inheritance of abundance for each and every one of His children. But God’s will is not done automatically in your life. You have a part you must play. Get ready for God to demonstrate His power in your life as you apply the Seven Steps to Prayer That Bring Results!

Digital Audio Series

4 Messages

By Kenneth Copeland