So Great Salvation


The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus is more than just your ticket to heaven…

To some, the word “salvation” brings to mind images of pearly gates, streets of gold and stained glass windows. And yet salvation literally means everything you need.

That’s what Jesus provided.

More than just a sure trip to heaven—He provided everything you need on this earth! But to partake and enjoy the benefits of salvation, you must know what they are. In this dynamic, series from Gloria Copeland you’ll discover:

Why salvation is necessary
What happened when you were saved
How to enjoy all that salvation has to offer—here and now
God’s will concerning your salvation

God sent Jesus for you. Don’t allow His death and resurrection to be in vain. Get into the Word and partake of all that Jesus did for you by understanding So Great Salvation!

Titles Include:

Deliverance From Sin
God’s Protection From Danger
Coming Out of Trouble
Hearing From Heaven
Victory Over Death
Benefits of Salvation

Digital Audio series by Gloria Copeland