Superkid Academy: The Mission

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Commander Kellie and the SuperkidsTM Return!

…and they’re ready for their most exciting mission to date.

When secret technology is stolen from an overseas lieutenant’s home, Commander Kellie and the Superkids know that there’s no time to waste. They immediately embark upon an intense journey to rescue the lieutenant from Uzbekistan prison, recover the stolen technology, and join together as a unified front—sharing the truth of God’s Word and standing against the forces of darkness…no matter what stands in their way!

Get ready for futuristic action and adventure kids will love with Commander Kellie (Kellie Copeland Swisher), Daniel Lyon (Kenneth Copeland), Lt. Valerie (Jenny Richards), Lt. Alex (Joel Davis), and a whole new group of Superkids filled with faith!

Can the Superkids unite and find the stolen tech?

Can they rescue the lieutenant before it’s too late?

Watch Superkid Academy: The Mission today to find out!

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