Tag Team on the Mountain

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In the Tag Team on Eagle Mountain MP4 on USB Video, you will enjoy four messages from Kenneth Copeland and George Pearsons, as they tag-team preach about how to have victory in your finances from Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC).

“What would you do if you were a pastor, and Kenneth Copeland attended your church? You’d let him speak any time he wanted to! That’s what I do.” –Pastor George Pearsons, Senior Pastor, EMIC.

In this special four-message series, you will enjoy four EMIC services where Kenneth Copeland tag-team preached alongside Pastor George Pearsons. Whatever God’s plan for the day was, the tag-team duo encouraged everyone together. As the Lord led, Brother Copeland came to the platform to add to or finish up Pastor George’s message, or he came to the pulpit with a word from God for His people.

These four, Word-packed, Spirit-filled messages will help you know how to rightly relate to money and how to have victory in finances:

  • “Our Relationship to Money”
  • “Keys to Debt Freedom”
  • “Settle Three Debt-Free Issues”
  • “The Need for Bible Hope”

Pastor George sums it up, “It’s such a thrill when Brother Copeland is in the house! The anointing is always strong, and The WORD is rich. Because of his schedule, he is rarely able to attend, but when he’s with us, watch out! He may show up at the pulpit at any moment. And we’re so glad he does!”

Teaching on MP4 USB Video

By Kenneth Copeland and George Pearsons

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