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The Classic Series


Timeless revelations from the Spirit of God to an entire generation of believers!

For more than five decades, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have maintained an unwavering stand on the Word of God. They have persevered in their God-given commission to teach the uncompromised message of faith on every available voice. Although their revelation has grown, the foundational messages remain the same. Messages include:
Authority of the Believer 1 and 2 by Kenneth Copeland
Our Covenant With God by Kenneth Copeland
Believing That You Receive by Kenneth Copeland
Power to Prosper by Kenneth Copeland
Faith Like a Rock by Kenneth Copeland
The Power of the Anointing 1 and 2 by Kenneth Copeland
Dwelling in the Secret Place 1 and 2 by Gloria Copeland
God Wants You Well 1 and 2 by Gloria Copeland
Digital Audio series by Kenneth & Gloria Copeland