The God Prescription

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God has a prescription for you that can bring complete healing to your life – spirit, soul and body! In his book, The GOD Prescription, Dr. Avery Jackson exposes life-changing concepts of healing straight from God!

From the beginning of time, God’s plan for His Creation has been for it to thrive in complete, divine health. With the fall of mankind, sickness and disease changed existence on the earth, but God’s original plan never changed.

In The God Prescription, Dr. Jackson exposes the effects of cultural problems in the world that both cause and prolong ill health. However, God built the human body to repair itself in the face of the most difficult circumstances.

When God sent Jesus to earth to redeem and repair the damage sin had done, His design was reborn. Based in His love for His creation, God’s Word and His Son’s work hold the power to heal every kind of disease and illness.

Dr. Jackson presents with clarity the understanding of every human being’s design. He distinguishes between spirit, soul and body, and how God made each element of man to work together to bring healing to the body.

As you delve into The GOD Prescription, you can understand just how marvelously you are designed by God.

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