The Laws of Prosperity


The Word tells us that God delights in the prosperity of His servant. True prosperity is the ability to use the power of God to meet every need in a man’s life—spirit, soul and body. It is God’s will for you to live an abundant life now, in this lifetime.

This series will give you a basic understanding of divine prosperity. Kenneth Copeland teaches the laws governing prosperity from the authority of God’s Word—how to establish your heart in the New Covenant, how to make deposits and withdrawals from your heavenly account, and how to walk in prosperity in every area of your life.

Message titles include:

The Laws of Prosperity
The Established Covenant and the Established Heart I and II
Forms of Depositing in Your Heavenly Account
Making Withdrawals From Your Heavenly Account
Walking in Prosperity
Teaching on MP3 Disc

6 Messages on 1 MP3 Disc

By Kenneth Copeland

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