Trusting God in Troubled Times Package


By choosing to take care of yourself when trouble comes, you’ve put all your trust in yourself…and all the credentials you think qualify you to do the job! In the Trusting God in Troubled Times Package, Kenneth Copeland helps you understand how you can transfer your trust to God and live beyond the troubles of this world.

Discover how you can thrive during troubling times with the guidance Kenneth Copeland gives in two powerful messages in the Trusting God in Troubled Times Package:

• Don’t Stress Out—Trust God! by Kenneth Copeland

God never intended you to carry the load of the world. He doesn’t want you to live under the stress of daily pressures and problems. He doesn’t want you to trust in only what you can accomplish—basing your trust on a wide range of skills, a keen sense for business, or your credit rating. He wants you to transfer your trust! Don’t waste your time taking care of yourself…and worrying about everything. There is a way to live free from the stress and cares of life. There is a way to transfer your trust…and go further than you could ever take yourself!

• Rumours of War by Kenneth Copeland

If there was ever a generation of people who needed to know how to enter God’s protection and stay there, it’s this generation. We face harm and harassment at every turn. Crime is rampant. Wars and rumours of wars are commonplace news. Most people react to the danger in one of two ways. They either get callused and ignore it, or cry out in helpless despair. But the Word of God says there is something far more powerful that we can do.

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