Understanding Who You are in Christ


Confidence…it makes all the difference in the world.

Knowing how much you are loved and how much trust has been placed in you establishes your relationship. And operating in the authority you have been given and the resources that have been placed at your disposal assure your success.

In Understanding Who You Are in Christ, Kenneth Copeland paints the true Bible picture of who you have become through faith in Christ Jesus. He explores the rich realities of a redemption that brings heaven on earth in every area of your life and relationships.

Learn how to use the Name of Jesus, and other gifts of your salvation, to release God’s healing, prosperity and peace into your life and family.

Understanding Who You Are in Christ will absolutely stop the devil’s trespass in your life. Begin enjoying your new name and position today.

(Formerly titled Reality of Redemption)

Digital Audio Teaching
8 Messages
By Kenneth Copeland