Wholly Developed—Spirit, Soul and Body


There is much more to you than meets the eye! And your true self—the person God designed you to be—can be developed to fulfil your whole potential!

Mankind is truly God’s priceless creation. We are the ultimate, glorious act of His faith and love when He set time in motion. From the beginning, right up to this moment, God has had in His heart for His people to be complete and whole, lacking nothing in any part of our being—spirit, soul and body!

In the MP3 series Wholly Developed – Spirit, Soul and Body, Kenneth Copeland will take you deep into the understanding of God’s plan for every man—from Adam and Eve—to you! Listen to this series and…

  • Learn how to develop your full potential in all God has in His heart for you to do and be
  • Discover God’s handbook for living and the author who is on call 24/7 to help you
  • Develop a plan to build up the most important part of yourself—your spirit man

See that faith and love have always been the key elements for effectively developing you as a whole person.

Begin now to cooperate with God and His WORD to develop yourself into the dynamic, whole YOU. You can do it!

12 Messages

Digital Audio series by Kenneth Copeland