Daily Devotionals

February 26

Be Holy!

Gloria Copeland
As the One Who called you is holy, you yourselves also be holy in all your conduct and manner of living.

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to see Jesus when He comes to catch His Church away? Do you want to see and move in manifestations of His power and Glory in the days that lead up to His coming? Then you must live a holy life.

That’s just the truth and we all need to know it. As wonderful and vast as this great move of God is going to be, the fact is, not everyone will be a part of it. Only those who have sanctified themselves unto God will be used of Him in the days ahead. Only those who are obedient to Him will be able to stand in the midst of this great work.

In other words, if you and I want in on this great move of God, we must follow after holiness.

What exactly does the word holiness mean? It simply means “separation to God” or “conduct befitting those so separated.” To separate means “to set apart, to disunite, to divide, to sever, to disconnect, to part company, to go in a different direction, to cease to be associated, to become distinct, or disengage as cream separates from milk and rises to the top.”

If we want to be holy, we must be disconnected from the world and its ways—and connected to God and His ways.

 “But we’re just human beings. Is it really possible for us to be holy?”

Yes, it is, because we’ve been born again. When that happened, we were separated to God on the inside. Now God expects us to walk out that separation so it can be seen on the outside. Holiness isn’t a strange thing that just a few people achieve. Holiness is the way everyone in the Body of Christ ought to be walking.

We ought not look like the world and talk and act like the world. We ought to look and talk and act like God! We’ve been commanded: Be holy! In all your conduct and manner of living. So set your course. Set your mind and your spirit. You can do it. Live from the inside out. Walk holy before the Lord.

Speak the Word

“God is holy. Therefore I am also holy in all my conduct and manner of living.”  (1 Peter 1:15, amp)

Scripture Study: 2 Timothy 2:19-21; Hebrews 12:14

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