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Prison Prophecy 2001

Prophecy Over Prisoners in 2001

Crime and disobedience is not the last word. I am the Alpha and Omega, saith the Lord, and I have a plan now to put crime in its place, to put crime under the foot of the gospel, in South Africa, in the United States and other places in the world. But especially in these… Read More

Testimonies From Teachings

Testimonies from Teachings

I have been blessed by so many things, but what has really impacted me is the teaching of faith, standing in faith and having faith in Gods Word – Serena, United Kingdom KCM has highered my faith. Standing on Gods word is now second nature. I have become debt free in the last year –… Read More

Faith that Gives Glory to God - Blog

Faith That Gives Glory to God

Do you have faith that gives glory to God or does it question His power and goodness? Find out how to develop fully persuaded faith and take God at His Word. Faith. You can’t get saved without it. You can’t walk the Christian walk without it. You can’t win the victory without it. You can’t… Read More

Standing Strong in Faith against Covid-19

Covid-19 Relief Fund Report

KCM Europe’s mission during the pandemic remained the same – To Minister the Word of Faith. We provided free teaching materials to encourage our Partners to stand strong in faith against Coronavirus, we prayed for them and we supported financially those in need with the help of our Partner Churches.

7 Steps to Receive the Holy Spirit - Blog Post

7 Steps To Receive the Holy Spirit

Imagine you want to do something very special for your best friend’s birthday. You start months ahead, researching and shopping, and you finally find it—the perfect gift. You spare no expense and even spend a little extra to have it exquisitely wrapped. Taking every detail into consideration, you time the gift’s delivery, so it arrives… Read More