Broadcast Study Notes

08/10/21The Greatness of Jesus’ NameDownload
08/10/21The Uncommon Power of Jesus’ NameDownload
24/09/21What Is Revelation Knowledge?Download
24/09/21Faith Prepares for What It ExpectsDownload
17/09/21“The Untouchables”—Part 2Download
10/09/21“The Untouchables”—Part 1Download
03/09/21Faith That Overcomes AnythingDownload
27/08/21The Prescription for HealingDownload
20/08/21A Faith RefresherDownload
13/08/21The Healthy Gut ZoneDownload
23/07/21Growing Up SpirituallyDownload
23/07/21The Goodness of God Chases After YouDownload
23/07/21God Is Super GoodDownload
13/07/21The Value of Praying In Other Tongues—Part 2Download
09/07/21The Value of Praying In Other Tongues—Part 1Download
02/07/21A Life Worth LivingDownload
25/06/21Living an Uncompromised LifeDownload
18/06/21The Goodness of God Is Here to HealDownload
02/06/21Our God Is Absolutely GoodDownload
02/06/21Living In the Goodness of GodDownload
28/05/21Believing In the Goodness of GodDownload
21/05/21The Absolute Goodness of GodDownload
07/05/21No More Limits—Part 2Download
07/05/21No More Limits— Part 1Download
30/04/21Living a Life of FaithDownload
16/04/21It Starts in the HeartDownload
16/04/21Life More AbundantlyDownload
09/04/21The Spirit of FaithDownload
29/03/21Understanding God’s TimingDownload
26/03/21Why God DelaysDownload
12/03/21What Is Revelation Knowledge?Download
12/03/21Faith Prepares for What It ExpectsDownload
26/02/21The Power of Covenant Partnership—Part 2Download
26/02/21The Power of Covenant Partnership—Part 1Download
19/02/21Faith Is TodayDownload
05/02/21Uncommon Faith—Part 2Download
05/02/21Uncommon Faith—Part 1Download
29/01/21Call Yourself WellDownload
22/01/21Becoming Rooted in the Basics of FaithDownload
15/01/21Living in the OverflowDownload
08/01/21Building Spiritual StrengthDownload
01/01/21Delivered from the Kingdom of DarknessDownload
23/12/20Your Covenant Is Bigger Than Your GiantDownload
18/12/20The Uncanny Timing of God at ChristmasDownload
05/12/20The Covenant of Blessing – Part 2Download
04/12/20The Covenant of Blessing – Part 1Download
27/11/20Tither’s RightsDownload
20/11/20Activate Powerful Faith This ThanksgivingDownload
13/11/20The Healing Glory Is HereDownload
06/11/20Releasing God’s Covenant Power in Your LifeDownload
30/10/20The Facets of HealingDownload
09/10/20Faith Is – How To Move A Mountain (Part 3)Download
09/10/20Faith Is – How To Move A Mountain (Part 2)Download
09/10/20Faith Is – How To Move A Mountain (Part 1)Download
03/10/20Prayer That Changes EverythingDownload
25/09/20God Is Your Source for Everything You NeedDownload
18/09/20Anointed to Live in The BlessingDownload
11/09/20Jesus Is the Healer — Yesterday, Today and ForeverDownload
04/09/20Key Principles That Activate Powerful FaithDownload
28/08/20Strife: The Destroyer of DreamsDownload
21/08/20Persistent FaithDownload
14/08/20How the Righteous Live By FaithDownload
07/08/20Faith Is the Great AccomplisherDownload
31/07/20Faith and Victory Are Inside YouDownload
25/07/20Supernatural ProvisionDownload
17/07/20Activating Your Covenant With GodDownload
09/07/20Our Healing CovenantDownload
01/07/20The Second Covenant – Promises FulfilledDownload
23/06/20The First Covenant: Truths RevealedDownload
19/06/20The Passovers of JesusDownload
12/06/20The Love Covenant of El ShaddaiDownload
29/05/20Prospering in Tough Times—Part 2Download
29/05/20Prospering in Tough Times—Part 1Download
22/05/20What is Chesed?Download
08/05/20Fear Is Not OKDownload
08/05/20A Faith Refresher: How to Conquer During TrialsDownload
01/05/20The God of PlentyDownload
24/04/20Keys to Developing the Born-Again Human SpiritDownload
12/04/20Covenant Life Is the Best LifeDownload
10/04/20Developing Covenant FaithDownload
01/04/20God Is a Covenant-Making GodDownload
27/03/20The Blood Covenant of GodDownload
20/03/20God’s No-Fail Plan for Health and HealingDownload
06/03/20Bulldog Faith—Part 2Download
06/03/20Bulldog Faith—Part IDownload
28/02/20God Is a Covenant-Keeping GodDownload
21/02/20Your Everlasting Covenant With GodDownload
15/02/20Keys to Receiving Your Covenant PromisesDownload
04/02/20God, the Covenant and the ContradictionDownload
31/01/20Accessing the Faith of GodDownload
25/01/20Faith Is the Connector to HealingDownload
17/01/20How to Destroy the Worry HabitDownload
11/01/20Our Heavenly Bank AccountDownload
04/01/20Becoming a Faith SpecialistDownload
21/12/19Looking Forward to 2020 With Great ExpectationDownload
21/12/19The Anointing Came at ChristmasDownload
14/12/19The Greater One in YouDownload
07/12/19Living in the Garden of EdenDownload
30/11/19It is Easy to Receive Your HealingDownload
23/11/19Developing a Life of GratitudeDownload
16/11/19Steps to Releasing Your FaithDownload
09/11/19Living From the Inside OutDownload
02/11/19Becoming God-Inside MindedDownload
25/10/19How to Manage Wealth God’s Way — Part 2Download
18/10/19How to Manage Wealth God’s Way — Part 1Download
11/10/19The God Prescription for Health: Believe in God’s Love for YouDownload
04/10/19The God Prescription for HealthDownload
28/09/19Healing: A Non-NegotiableDownload
21/09/19It’s Not Over Until You WinDownload
14/09/19The Healing Ministry of AngelsDownload
07/09/19Faith Activates the Anointing Power of GodDownload
30/08/19Faith: A Matter of Your Heart, Not Your MindDownload
23/08/19Learning to Release Your Faith for ResultsDownload
16/08/19How to Live by Faith Using Spiritual LawsDownload
09/08/19God Is Your Source for Everything You NeedDownload
02/08/19Heirs of GodDownload
27/07/19Raising a Family in the House of FaithDownload
20/07/19Living a Legacy of FaithDownload
15/07/19The Anointing Has Everything You NeedDownload
08/07/19Living Free From Condemnation NOWDownload
01/07/19The WORD Is the Victory That Overcomes AllDownload
24/06/19Jesus, Our Care Taker Part 2Download
17/06/19Jesus, Our Care Taker Part 1Download
10/06/19The Time for Healing Is NowDownload
03/06/19THE BLESSING Is the Full PackageDownload
27/05/19Total Immersion in God’s WORD Brings His Results (Rerun)Download
20/05/19God’s Way of Doing Things (Rerun)Download
13/05/19Jesus, God’s Heavenly Gift to You (Rerun)Download
06/05/19The Laws of ProsperityDownload
29/04/19THE BLESSING of The LORD: Receiving the PromiseDownload
22/04/19THE BLESSING of The LORD: Your Covenant With GodDownload
15/04/19THE BLESSING of The LORD: Redeemed from the CurseDownload
08/04/19Let THE BLESSING Do the WorkDownload
01/04/19Keys to Living in Divine HealthDownload
25/03/19Live Your Best Life in Divine Health and WholenessDownload
18/03/19The Year of Abundant HarvestDownload
04/03/19Developing and Training the Born-Again Human SpiritDownload
25/02/19Marvels, Wonders and Extraordinary ManifestationsDownload
18/02/19Healing 101Download
11/02/19Faith in the Love of God Brings Results (Rerun)Download
04/02/19The Story of God’s Glory (Rerun)Download
28/01/19The Manifestation of the Glory of God (Rerun)Download
07/01/19Tither’s RightsDownload
31/12/18The Integrity of The WORD of GodDownload
24/12/18The Simplicity of FaithDownload
17/12/18Healing Is HereDownload
10/12/18The Laws of the SpiritDownload
03/12/18How Faith FunctionsDownload
26/11/18Putting the Basics of Faith Into ActionDownload
19/11/18The Laws of FaithDownload
12/11/18Back to the Basics of FaithDownload
05/11/182017 Washington DC Victory Campaign (Rerun)Download
29/10/18Faith for Our Nation: The Impact of Your VoteDownload
22/10/18Faith for Our Nation: Your Vote Is CriticalDownload
15/10/18Sustaining Impact in MinistryDownload
08/10/18Jesus Speaks to the Sycamine TreeDownload
01/10/18Jesus Has Declared War on Sin!Download
24/09/18Faith for Our Nation: A Call to Action to VoteDownload
17/09/18Prayer That Brings ResultsDownload
10/09/18The Hindrances to FaithDownload
03/09/18The Fundamentals of FaithDownload
27/08/18Mastering the Basics of FaithDownload
20/08/18Living in the Overflow—Part 2Download
13/08/18Living in the Overflow—Part 1Download
06/08/18Faith for Healing 101Download
30/07/18Called and Chosen by Love (Rerun)Download
23/07/18Jesus Says, “I AM, Take Me In”Download
16/07/18Jesus—My Daily BreadDownload
09/07/18A Faith-in-the-Name-of-Jesus BreakthroughDownload
02/07/18Faith for Our Nation: Vote According to the BibleDownload
25/06/18The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal Part 2Download
18/06/18The Weapons of Our Warfare Are Not Carnal Part 1Download
23/05/18How to Receive Signs, Wonders and Miracles TodayDownload
21/05/18How to Walk in Your HealingDownload
14/05/18How to Develop Uncommon FaithDownload
07/05/18What is Uncommon Faith?Download
30/04/18The Will of God to HealDownload
23/04/18The Healing Ministry of JesusDownload
16/04/18The Call of FaithDownload
09/04/18The Goodness of God Brings PeaceDownload
02/04/18How to Experience True PeaceDownload
26/03/18The Healings of Jesus – Part 2Download
19/03/18The Healings of Jesus – Part 1Download
12/03/18God Is on the Move: Jesus Is Calling Us to HimselfDownload
05/03/18God Is on the Move: Are You Ready?Download
26/02/18How to Take Victory Over FoodDownload
19/02/18Living a Keto-Zone LifestyleDownload
12/02/18Healing School – 2017 DaytonDownload
05/02/18Faith For Our Nation – Vote SpecialDownload
29/01/18Releasing the Fire Power of PrayerDownload
22/01/18Speaking Power Through PrayerDownload
15/01/182017 Washington DC Victory CampaignDownload
08/01/18God’s Will is Prosperity – Part 2Download
01/01/18God’s Will is Prosperity – Part 1Download
25/12/17Faith Above AllDownload
18/12/17Supernatural Wealth Transfer-Part 2Download
11/12/17Supernatural Wealth Transfer-Part 1Download
04/12/17Live Your Faith Out Loud—How to Unleash Power With Your WordsDownload
27/11/17How to Activate Faith With Your WordsDownload
20/11/17Thanksgiving WeekDownload
13/11/17God’s Healing FormulaDownload
06/11/17Living Communion With Jesus – Knowing God Through WorshipDownload
30/10/17Living Communion With Jesus – Knowing God Through His WordDownload
23/10/17Faith for an Amazing LifeDownload
16/10/17You Can Have What You Say by FaithDownload
09/10/17The Story of God’s GloryDownload
02/10/17The Manifestation of the Glory of GodDownload
25/09/17Healing Compassion of the FatherDownload
18/09/17Fruit And Freedom In Oneness With GodDownload
11/09/17Fruit Of The Spirit: The Explosive Power Of ResurrectionDownload
03/09/17A Life Built to Last Part 2Download
27/08/17A Life Built to Last Part 1Download
20/08/17Call In Your Harvest Part 2Download
13/08/17Call In Your Harvest Part 1Download
06/08/17Faith in the Love of God Brings ResultsDownload
30/07/17Faith in God PrevailsDownload
23/07/17The Call to Pray for the Last Great AwakeningDownload
16/07/17‘First of All’ CampaignDownload
09/07/17Choosing Faith Over FearDownload
02/07/17Living A Life Free From FearDownload
25/06/17Developing Faith in the Love of God Pt. 2Download
18/06/17Developing Faith in the Love of God Pt. 1Download
11/06/17Called and Chosen by LoveDownload
04/06/17No Fear in LoveDownload
28/05/17Know and Believe the LoveDownload
22/05/175 Prerequisites for PromotionDownload
14/05/17Promotion God’s WayDownload
07/05/17Faith Activates the AnointingDownload
30/04/17God’s Plan for Your Healing and Long LifeDownload
23/04/17Preparing for the Supernatural Move of GodDownload
16/04/17The Coming Supernatural Move of GodDownload
09/04/17Fit For the Master’s UseDownload
02/04/17Fit for the Fight of FaithDownload