Broadcast Study Notes

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On this page you can find the Broadcast Study Notes that accompany a broadcast series.

Study Notes will normally be for the whole week and sometimes span the entire series for two or three week broadcasts.

05/08/22God’s Supply Chain – Part 2Download
05/08/22God’s Supply Chain—Part 1Download
29/07/22The Seven Core Values of a BelieverDownload
15/07/22Recognizing the Spirit of Power – Part 2Download
15/07/22Recognizing the Spirit of Power—Part 1Download
08/07/22Master the Fundamentals of FaithDownload
01/07/22Healing Is God’s Will for YouDownload
17/06/22The Spirit of Power Is God’s LoveDownload
10/06/22The Spirit of Power and AuthorityDownload
10/06/22The Spirit of PowerDownload