Broadcast Study Notes

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On this page you can find the Broadcast Study Notes that accompany a broadcast series.

Study Notes will normally be for the whole week and sometimes span the entire series for two or three week broadcasts.

17/05/24End-Time Warnings and Instructions – Part 2Download
10/05/24End-Time Warnings and Instructions – Part 1Download
27/04/24Faith To Fulfill the Plan of GodDownload
26/04/24Walking by Faith In God’s PlanDownload
19/04/24A Covenant of Grace and FaithDownload
12/04/24The Covenant Versus the ContradictionDownload
31/03/24Our Core Values – Part 2Download
29/03/24Our Core Values – Part 1Download
22/03/24Take Your Stand of Faith and Pray!Download
09/03/24The Manifestations of the Holy Spirit and PrayerDownload