Read here about the Kenneth Copeland Ministries principles of outreach in KCM Europe. When we join together financially the reach is far more and the harvest is greater.

KCM is a registered charity and is subject to the governance of the English Charity Commission. . Registered charities have significantly greater responsibilities to demonstrate high financial and ethical standards.

Prison Ministry Outreach in KCM Europe


Operation Equip

Firstly, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s hearts are especially tender towards men and women who are in prison.

Therefore, within the mission statement of KCM, the Prison Ministry Outreach Team has been directed to minister to prisoners in the following ways:

  1. Leading them to a saving faith through the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16)
  2. Agreement in prayer
  3. Providing on request, free teaching material that is offered through the Prison Equip Development program.
  4. Answering Bible questions within the realm of the prison ministry gifts of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

This why we have a team to minister on their behalf to those behind bars.  Outreach in KCM Europe Prison ministry currently reaches into prisons in the UK, Germany and Italy and is available to all English speaking prison inmates in Europe. We offer a faith growth bible study called “Prison Equip”.  This includes:

  • Teaching on all the core subjects taught by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.
  • The ministry prays for all those who receive the teaching.
  • The ministry prays and believes that they will be free on the inside whilst in prison.
  • They can subscribe to receive the quarterly free product and study guide.

There are also partnerships with chaplaincy and church based Prison visitors.  These are able to distribute KCM Bibles and product that we supply to them.

  • If you have a prison ministry outreach or you are currently in a prison and would like our support please get in touch.
  • The free subscription to our Prison Equip programme needs to be requested by the individual, we cannot activate by a referral.

Benevolent Tithe Report


When you give to outreach in KCM Europe we take at least 10% of that seed and sow it into other ministries and outreaches, we call this “twice sown seed”. The financial support is given to ministries connected with helping the progress of outreach in KCM Europe.

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For example:

  • Faith teaching ministry’s evangelists going into extreme areas;
  • Ministries working to stop human trafficking;
  • Non-judgmental support for those in crisis;
  • Work with school, sport and community groups.

The ministries are selected from application and agreed by our board of trustees.  We are honoured to be able to support them as part of our mission to get the Word out on every available Voice.

Covenant Praise Report


Our Covenant Praise annual report is the overview of all of KCM ministry worldwide. We use this report to keep our Partners updated so that you can celebrate with us our victories and growth around the globe each and every year. There is always so much to tell you and keep you informed over new initiatives, new outreaches, Partner Growth, Testimonies and much more.  We pray that as you read it that it will inspire to pray for the ministry and know that with our precious Partners support we are all making a huge difference sending the Word out from the top of the world to the bottom and all the way around.