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February 19

More Than a Goose Bump

Kenneth Copeland
Glory and honour are in his [God's] presence; strength and gladness are in his place.

The signs of the times are all around us. It’s time for the outpouring of the Glory of God. Both in the natural and in the spirit realm, you can sense the pulse beat of it growing more and more rapid.

Things are happening. Prophecies are being fulfilled. We are seeing events the prophets of old only longed to see. We need to get our spiritual antennae up. We need to wake up and expect the Glory of God!

When I say expect the Glory of God, most Christians will nod their heads and say, “Yes, amen, Brother Copeland.” But they won’t have any idea what I’m talking about.

To them, God’s Glory is just a vague, religious term. Or some kind of spiritual thrill that leaves them with goose bumps every now and then.

Listen, the Glory of God isn’t a goose bump. It’s much more vast and powerful than that. And before we can truly begin to expect it, we must know what it is.

First Chronicles says glory and honor are in God’s presence. However, the word glory in the English language is really kind of pitiful. It can mean splendor, but also it can refer to boasting and pride. Those things have nothing to do with the Glory of God.

The Hebrew words translated glory mean “desire, adornment, honor, beauty, majesty, cleanliness, purity, preciousness, rarity, weight and heaviness.” So when you say God is glorious, you’re really saying that God is a heavyweight—heavy with everything good. He is heavy in prosperity. Heavy in healing. Heavy in deliverance. Heavy in salvation. Hallelujah! If you need to be saved from anything, God is heavy enough to do it!

What we’re talking about here is living in the heavy weight of God’s goodness, desire, adornment, honor, beauty, majesty, cleanliness, purity, preciousness and rarity. When you walk in Glory, you literally walk in God Himself!

Of course, that power is going to break through to the natural realm more and more, and you’re going to see physical manifestations of God’s presence. Just keep standing in grace by faith expecting the Glory of God. Who knows, you may even get some goose bumps.

Speak the Word

“In the presence of God there are glory and honor and strength and gladness.”  (1 Chronicles 16:27)

Scripture Study: Matthew 17:1-8

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