Daily Devotionals

January 20

Put Your Foot on Healing Ground

Gloria Copeland
Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you....

If you need healing in your body today, you need to possess it like the children of Israel possessed the Promised Land. Joshua and the people of Israel had to put their foot on what belonged to them, if they were going to enjoy the blessing of God. The same thing is true today with healing and every other blessing.

If you are a believer, healing already belongs to you. Isaiah 53 clearly says Jesus has borne our griefs, sickness, weakness and pain, and carried our sorrows, and that by His stripes we are healed and made whole.

As far as God is concerned, healing is yours. Jesus has already paid the price for it. But for you to receive it, you have to put your foot on it. You have to go in and possess the land!

That’s not always easy. It wasn’t necessarily easy for Joshua either. To do it, God told him he would have to be “strong and very courageous” (Joshua 1:7). The people of Israel had to arm themselves and go up before their enemy. They had to put their foot on that land.

In the same way, taking the land of healing requires spiritual strength and courage. Why? Because the manifestation of healing doesn’t always come instantly. We want it instantly—and many times it comes that fast—but other times it takes longer.

When you think about it, that’s not so unusual. After all, in most cases, sickness and disease do their destructive work gradually. They don’t just appear one moment—and kill you the next. They take effect over time. So it’s not surprising that healing often displaces their effects gradually as well.

If you need healing today, you need to put your foot on the healing land. You need to step out on the Word, take it and say, “Healing is mine. The devil is not going to steal it from me. No one is going to talk me out if it. It belongs to me. Today, this day, I receive my healing!”

Once you’ve said that, don’t ever say anything contrary to it. Don’t be moved by time or by symptoms or by anything else. Just stay with it. Continue to take God’s medicine—the Word—every day and you will continually improve.

When the devil comes back next week and tells you you’re not going to get your healing, laugh at him and say, “Too late! I’ve already gotten it. I received my healing last week. I put my foot on healing ground and it’s mine.”

Just refuse to give up, keep on taking the land and your healing will come to pass.

Speak the Word

“God has given me every place that my feet tread upon. Therefore, I have dominion over sin, sickness and poverty.”  (Joshua 1:3)

Scripture Study: Isaiah 53:1-5

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