Daily Devotionals

June 24

The Word Is Truth

Kenneth Copeland
Thy word is truth.

Notice that this verse doesn’t say, “Thy Word is fact.” Truth goes beyond facts. The fact may be that you don’t have any money. The fact may be that the doctor said you have an incurable disease. But what does the truth have to say about it?

You see, the truth is absolute. Truth doesn’t yield. Truth doesn’t change. Thus, facts are subject to truth.

It can be a fact that you are sick as can be, but God says you were healed by the stripes of Jesus when He died on the cross. That’s the truth. Now you have a choice. You can apply the truth of God’s Word to the fact that you’re sick and the fact will change—or you can agree with the facts and things will stay like they are.

I’ll tell you right now, it will be much easier just to agree with the facts, because facts scream a lot louder than the Word of God does. God’s Word will be quiet—until it starts coming out of your mouth.

But once that Word begins to come out of your mouth in faith, it will be the final word. If it’s God’s Word about healing, you’ll be healed. If it’s His Word about prosperity, you’ll be prosperous. If it’s His Word about deliverance, you’ll be delivered.

God has given you His contract. When you do your part by believing, speaking and acting on a heart full of faith, God’s Word will come to pass. No circumstance on earth and no demon in hell can stop it.

So forget all those stories you have heard about so-and-so who believed the Word and it didn’t work for him. Quit asking questions and settle it once and for all. God’s Word is truth.

Speak the Word

“God’s Word is truth. I believe His Word and not my circumstances.”  (John 17:17)

Scripture Study: Psalm 119:151-152, 160

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