Daily Devotionals

December 22

You Are a Tree

Kenneth Copeland
In righteousness shalt thou be established.

Jesus is the very picture of established righteousness. When He walked into the funeral of Lazarus, He was the only One not dressed in black. That’s because He hadn’t come to a funeral, He had come to a raising! He was so established in righteousness that He boldly said, “Roll the stone away from the door of the tomb” (John 11).

It was Righteousness Who commanded, “Lazarus, come forth.” And when He did, God backed Him up. When the devil heard that, he just got out of the way. There’s nothing he can do when Righteousness speaks but bow and leave.

“Sure, Jesus could speak like that,” you say, “but I’m not Jesus!”

No, you’re not. But your righteousness is of Him. When you understand that, you’ll see why that angel shouted at Jesus’ birth, “Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people” (Luke 2:10).

What was so joyful about those tidings? Those angels were talking to Hebrew people who had been living under the strictness of the Law. They’d struggled all their lives to be righteous. They lived in bondage to the Law, trying to please and satisfy God. But they couldn’t do it. So this angel was saying to them, “The One Who makes peace is in the earth! The Anointed One is here.”

Talk about great joy! That was the best news those people could ever hear.

But the devil has come back into the Church and sowed that bondage all over again. He’s told us that we’re unrighteous. He’s told us God is mad at us so we would be subject to oppression and fear and doubt.

He’s told us there’s something blasphemous about our standing up and saying, “I know my God and I have faith in Him. I stand on His Word and I reach out in the Name of Jesus to do exploits.”

But friend, that’s not blasphemy. That’s the gospel!

Our covenant of peace says we’re to be called “trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified” (Isaiah 61:3).

So be a tree of righteousness planted by God. Not a bush—a tree planted! Stand tall because God put you there, and when the devil comes along, tell him just what Jesus told him, “It is written.”

I’ll warn you now, there are some Christians who will oppose you when you do that. They’ll come along and try to climb all over you. Others will have sense enough to come hide under your foliage until they get established in righteousness.

Either way, it’s all right. You’re a tree. Just keep standing there digging your roots deeper and deeper into your covenant of peace. Keep healing the sick and raising the dead. Keep acting the same way that Jesus did. You’ll be living proof to a frightened world that there truly is peace on earth, good will toward men!

Speak the Word

I am established in righteousness. (Isaiah 54:14)

Scripture Study: Luke 2:1-20

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