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Gospel Grenades

Gospel Grenades

Gospel Grenades is a soul winning ministry based in the North West of England led by Andrew Cannon and his wife Jennifer.  They travel domestically and internationally teaching, training, and equipping the body of Christ in the works of ministry. As a ministry they believe that God wants to use the local church to reach the communities they are positioned in.

Andrew operates in the office of an Evangelist; he has a passion to see spectators become partakers in the great commission. He equips the saints in a variety of settings, conferences, stadium events, church equipping days, Sunday services and in Harvest Now Evangelism School which, he co-founded. He also preaches on the streets from his gospel truck, and at outreach events and crusades around the globe, most recently the mountain villages of Mexico (pictured).

Thank you KCM Europe

“Wow, where do we even start in thanking you! Let’s go back to 2019 when we first connected with you all, we have developed a wonderful friendship which has been a source of blessing and encouragement to us ever since.  Thank you KCM Europe for championing us and many other ministries. Thank you for being an example of integrity and longevity in trusting the Word of God and thank you for being our friend” – Andrew Cannon.


“We have just completed with a team of local Pastors, 6 crusades over 5 nights in the mountainous region of Puebla, Mexico.  Collectively we saw 1029 people come to Christ, it was wonderful to see so many people making a first-time commitment and experiencing the love and power of Jesus Christ. These people had little in the way of  material possessions, but we left them full of hope and salvation through Christ. These new believers are now being discipled by local leaders within the region”.

“During a ministry trip in the USA a lady who had been free from self-harm for 12 months, felt an overwhelming urge to suddenly self-harm again that morning and planned to do so after the church service.  Whilst Andrew ministered, he shared on the radical encounter he had with Jesus in 2010, where he was instantly set free from addictions, depression, and self-harming.  The young lady felt the presence of God during the meeting and the desire to harm herself completely left her, she testified to this after the service and was overcome with joy and gratitude”.

It’s with thanks to our Covenant Partners and Friends, who have committed to support KCM through their financial giving that enables KCM to preach the uncompromised Word of God to the world. 

Your seed becomes twice-sown seed and allows KCM to give to Ministries like Gospel Grenades.

You truly are co-labourers with the KCM staff in the work God has called Kenneth and Gloria to do.

We are reaching thousands of people through our Partner Ministries.

Thank you.

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