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Streetlight UK

Streetlight UK

Streetlight UK is a frontline support service, focused on providing women with tangible pathways out of a lifestyle of prostitution and violence and have developed its specialism across London, Surrey and Sussex since 2012.

We aim to enable our service users to overcome the challenges that limit their choices such as the lack of education, training and employment opportunities, as well as the physical and emotional barriers they face.

We achieve this by addressing the trauma they’ve endured (which is both an impetus to engage in prostitution, as well as a result of involvement in prostitution). We also provide practical support and meet needs related to sexual health, substance misuse, homelessness, and debt advice.

Streetlight UK exists to:

  • End the violence against women that is inbuilt in prostitution
  • Enable women to leave prostitution and have a fresh start through individualised support
  • Confront men’s choices by educating them on the consequences the women face
  • Influence the public’s perception on women in prostitution
  • Shift the legal burden of the law in England and Wales away from women and onto sex buyers.

Thank you KCM

“On behalf of our staff and service users, Streetlight UK would like to extend its gratitude to KCM Europe for the amazing work they do. Your help is an invaluable contribution towards our mission to end sexual exploitation and support some of the most vulnerable in society. Each dream accomplished by a service user is a dream accomplished on our behalf as well, and we would not be able to do this important work were it not for your passion”.


‘In my early teens, I read a story about a prostitute in a magazine. I would never, could never do that I thought to myself. How wrong I was.’ – Miss L, London, 2018

‘Escorting was a prison sentence. I now feel like a bird that has been set free.’ – Miss A, Worthing, 2021

‘Sex work feels like a deep dark hole I [can’t] climb out of. I was crying out for someone to get me and you came.’ – Miss X, Surrey, 2017

It’s with thanks to our Covenant Partners and Friends, who have committed to support KCM through their financial giving that enables KCM to preach the uncompromised Word of God to the world. 

Your seed becomes twice-sown seed and allows KCM to give to Ministries like Streetlight UK.

You truly are co-labourers with the KCM staff in the work God has called Kenneth and Gloria to do.

We are reaching thousands of people through our Partner Ministries.

Thank you.

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