Who Should You Vote For?

When it comes to elections, do you often find yourself puzzled as to whom you should vote for? Do you even consider not voting? Well, we have a biblical responsibility to be good stewards of all God has given us – including our government. So, that means participating in the voting process is not optional, but who we select is up to us.  We must pray and vote.

However, as Christians, this can be challenging at times – often leaving us with one question: Who should I vote for?

There are many times when none of the choices seem to be a perfect fit, but here’s something important to remember: Your vote for one candidate is not a proclamation of your full faith in that person. Instead, it’s a decision to honour God with good stewardship. No matter who is on the ballot, we will always have a choice to make. As Christians, we should be voting for people who will best represent and uphold biblical values.

How Should I Pray?

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