Blessed Beyond Measure


Far too many people—even Christian believers—are living with too little of God’s provision. Why? For the simple reason that they’ve never discovered the blessing of fellowship with Him and His care for them.

What about you? Do you know in the depths of your heart just how extraordinarily good God is? Do you know all the good things He wants to do for you? You can, if you will spend time with Him.

Because of His great love for you, you can receive salvation and so much more—healing, deliverance, peace and every other blessing God has promised you in His Word.

But it’s up to you to receive these blessings, and the first step to receiving is to discover and embrace God’s true nature of goodness and kindness—not a nature of anger and condemnation—toward you.

Are you ready to experience God’s extraordinary goodness?

Digital Book by Gloria Copeland