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Covenant Made by Blood


Covenant. To understand the true meaning of the word, you need more than just a definition. You need a revelation from Almighty God.

A definition will only explain what a covenant is, but a revelation will cause you to stand steadfast—no matter what the circumstance.

In this powerful series, Kenneth Copeland takes you on a journey through the Bible, celebrating the covenant connection that God has with man. You’ll learn that through your blood covenant with God, you are His family—receiving all His authority, protection and strength. You’ll also discover that the covenant God has made with you in Christ:

• Is woven throughout God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation
• Establishes a bond of love with God nothing can sever
• Breaks the curse, freeing you from all subjection to it
• Grants you right to every spiritual blessing as joint heir with Jesus

Make no mistake about it, God has established an unbreakable relationship with you. Now it’s up to you to discover what that really means…and receive the powerful blessings God has for you. It’s all in his astonishing and wonderful Covenant Made by Blood!

Digital Audio Teaching
6 Messages
By Kenneth Copeland