Limitless Love Paperback


The undergirding characteristic of happiness, health and success is faith, and the fuel of faith is love (Galatians 5:6) the limitless love God has given us and that we give back to Him and to each other.

Today’s world is filled with hurt and pain, making receiving and giving love a continual challenge. The world’s love is based on “what you can do for me?” But God’s love is based what He always does for us! Selfish love vs. selfless love!

Limitless Love: A 365-Day Devotional will become your constant companion in living the life of love God intends. In just a few minutes a day, let Kenneth and Gloria Copeland guide you to a successful walk of love. Learn how to choose love’s way every time, fuel your faith daily, and discover the secrets of God’s love for you and through you. It will make all the difference!


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