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One Word From God Can Change Your Nation


God wants you to experience heaven on earth. But if you live in a nation that’s filled with poverty, immorality and violent crime, that may seem impossible. Yet, it’s not. As a Christian, you have the spiritual influence that can change your government and your nation—the power of prayer!

In this inspiring book, internationally known and respected Bible teachers will take you through God’s Word to give you the insight you need to pray effectively for your government leaders and your nation. Learn why God wants to change your nation and how your prayers make it possible. Discover historical examples of how the prayers of the righteous have changed the hearts of leaders.

Learn from these anointed teachers how prayer can change your nation.

· Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
· Creflo Dollar
· John G. Lake
· Happy Caldwell

Discover how One Word From God Can Change Your Nation…forever!

Digital Book by Kenneth & Gloria Copeland