The Superkid Music Collection


Experience some of the best music from Commander Kellie and the Superkids Movies wherever you go. It will strengthen your faith with every beat!

Song List:

1. Superkid Academy (Millennium Mix)

2. Jesus Is My Strength

3. Sword of the Spirit

4. Armor of Light

5. His Light Will Always Shine

6. Know Who You Are

7. We Have Overcome

8. I’ll Trust You, Jesus

9. I Can Hear Your Voice

10. Holy Ghost Rap (Swing Mix)

11. Stand Strong

12. My God

13. I Speak the Blood

14. Christ in Me

15. Just for You

16. Faithful Friend

17. I Will Testify

18. Wide as the Sky

Music CD

Performed by Commander Kellie and the Superkids

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