Trust God to provide for you - Testimony

Testimony: Unexpected Money

“I sowed into the ministry last month for a house and to be able to build a real estate business. I still have not been successful in achieving that, but I received an unexpected pay rise of 3%. To top that up I received £1200 from the employment which I had left; they said they… Read More

Miracle Prayer Cloth Testimony

Miracle Prayer Cloth Testimony

Rachel called KCM Europe office to share her testimony. Recently, she was led to get a cloth and place it under her mums pillow in hospital. As she was praying over the cloth at home, she was watching Kenneth praying over a cloth in one of the conventions. So Rachel took the anointing of this… Read More

Liz from England shares how her school fees have been cancelled.

Debt Cancellation Testimony

Thank you for your prayers. I was unable to pay my school fees, however, as I trusted in God a £8,000 debt was cancelled. I am also deeply grateful for the teachings on faith and what I am learning about the basis for God’s blessing-based prosperity – so much wisdom. I find the teachings, particularly… Read More

debt free house testimony from a KCM Partner

Debt Free House Testimony

I have been watching your YouTube series on ‘How to increase faith’, ‘Have Bulldog faith’ and ‘How to believe for a debt free house’ for more than a year. We built a house in 1989 and paid month by month and year by year the mortgage. It seemed to become a never-ending story. In 2020,… Read More

God's Gift To our Family Preview

God’s Gift To Our Family

It was lovely to get your call in the first place asking about how we are .Then for you to pray for us.It was also encouraging and uplifting to share about God’s gift of Sarah to complete our family. I will complete and return the Praise Testimony Release form . I will explain briefly how… Read More

No debt from university course testimony image link

No Debt From University Course

“No Debt From University Course” – In September 2016 I started my university course with the intention that I would not borrow money or get into debt, as at the time I knew that the word of God said to ” Owe on one anything except to love one another” (Romans 8:28).As a result of… Read More

Success through prayer support testimony image link


“Success Through Prayer Support” – Just a note to thank you for your prayer support which was very effective. My notice period ended in May. I asked for the one role but now have two senior roles, one as Executive Chariman which started in June and the other starting in September as Chief Operating Officer…. Read More