Faith Steps


Many believers are frustrated and wondering why they are not getting the results they desire from their faith. They ask questions like:

  • “Why is it taking so long?”
  • “Why am I having a hard time receiving?”
  • “Why does it seem my faith is not working?”

In this series, Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons share 10 powerful Faith Steps that will help you obtain the fruit of your faith in God’s Word. These are the practical steps that Kenneth and Gloria Copeland learned from Kenneth E. Hagin many years ago. They have applied them—and have seen the results time and time again.

Backed by scripture and illustrated with examples, Faith Steps is a comprehensive guide to achieving the effective results you long to see. And to quote Brother Hagin, “If one would faithfully follow these steps, they will always be assured of an answer.”

It is time for results. And together we can get them—one faith step at a time.

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