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How do you get the answers you need?

Jesus said in Mark 4 that when you plant seed in the ground, it goes to work. It grows and produces, because the seed knows what to do! And the Word of God planted in your heart works the same way.

In this foundational teaching, Kenneth Copeland shows you how the Word of God is guaranteed to bring results, and covers the entire spectrum of human existence. It’s alive and powerful, and carries the ability to produce what you need…every time. In fact, it’s all you need.

Teaching on Compact Disc

4 Messages on 4 CDs

By Kenneth Copeland

This series was previously titled Sower Sows the Word.


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This newly repackaged teaching by Kenneth Copeland is an in-depth study into the ministry of Jesus and the parable of the sower. It’s a timeless, 4-part series that will remind you of the unlimited power of the Word of God and its ability to anchor you in any situation. Learn how God’s Word can bring you victory and produce the desired results in your life.

This series was previously titled Sower Sows the Word.

4 CD set by Kenneth Copeland

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4 CD Set


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