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August 2021

Believer's Voice of Victory Broadcast Image link 16th August 2021 - The Healthy Gut Zone

The Healthy Gut Zone

13 August 2021 | & &

Stay strong and healthy to finish your race well! This week on Believer’s Voice of Victory join Kenneth Copeland and Dr Don Colbert and Mary Colbert, as they dive into the healthy gut zone. You will learn about the gut-brain connection and why a healthy gut is key to your overall health. Plus, you will… Read More


October 2020

Prayer that changes everything

Prayer That Changes Everything

3 October 2020 | & &

This week on Believer’s Voice of Victory join Kenneth Copeland as he sits down with Mary Colbert and Dr Don Colbert to discuss Mary’s new book, Prayer That Changes Everything. Between fun and inspirational stories, you will learn why your faith must be in constant motion. If you have quit dreaming and believing, it is… Read More


April 2019

Keys to Living in Divine Health

1 April 2019 | & &

This week on Believer’s Voice of Victory, join Kenneth Copeland, and Dr. Don and Mary Colbert, as they share breakthrough research and revelation about reversing disease, restoring energy and the keys to living in divine health—spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. You are only a few steps away from enjoying the best health of your life!


March 2019

Live Your Best Life in Divine Health and Wholeness

25 March 2019 | & &

Join Kenneth Copeland, and Dr. Don and Mary Colbert on Believer’s Voice of Victory, as they uncover how to live your best life in divine health and wholeness. You can increase your energy and improve your quality of life with a few simple lifestyle tweaks. Learn the key steps to achieve wholeness—spirit, soul and body!


February 2018

Health and Fitness Package 2 Books by Dr Don Colbert

Living a Keto-Zone Lifestyle

19 February 2018 | &

Watch Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Don Colbert on Believer’s Voice of Victory as they share how eating right in the Keto Zone is the gateway to health and longevity. Learn how to beat food addiction for good, change your eating habits, and change your life by living a Keto Zone lifestyle!