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Blessed and Debt Free

In 2011 I asked you to come into agreement with me that I would be debt free, back then I had £128,000 worth of debt including the mortgage on my house. I kept listening to the word preached by Kenneth, tithed, sowed financial seed, budgeted, and only spent money where necessary. The debt started going down, but slowly. In 2019 I sold my house and bought two houses with the equity, one for me to live in 200 miles north where houses are cheaper, and one in Derby for my son and daughter-in-law to live in while they were both at university.

For one day I was debt free but then took out a loan to do all the repairs on the Derby house, I felt like it was a big faith failure taking out the loan but reminded myself how far I’d come going from £128,000 down to £30,000 in eight years plus owning two debt free houses glory to God! Back when my husband and I split up our pastor told me I’d end up living in a one bed hotel room with my four children if I went through with getting a divorce, but he didn’t know that it was my husband that had caused most of the debt and that I knew Jesus would take care of me and my children. With the help of the Lord I kept the family home all through my children growing up, they are now all married to good Christian partners and have good careers.

Last month I sold the Derby house as my son and daughter-in-law no longer need it, so now I am totally debt free with enough money in the bank to do the repairs on my house. I want to thank you all for your continued prayers and the teaching of Kenneth and Gloria that has kept me from quitting.

– Judy, United Kingdom