Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

5 Reasons To Steer Clear For some reason, whether Christians should participate in Halloween has been quite the subject of debate. Some believe it’s just harmless fun and don’t want to feel left out of the festivities. Others recognize the spiritual implications behind the day and warn against its dangers. Ultimately, as Christians, every decision… Read More

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What About Halloween?

What About Halloween? – “Oct 31st, We will Celebrate The day the Lord has Made!” This is adapted from the article “What About Halloween?” which was written for the US audience. For an article based on the experience of Riley Stephenson, KCM Minister of Evangelism, where he views Halloween as an opportunity to outreach,… Read More

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A Prayer for Our Schools

This is adapted from the KCM.ORG article “A Prayer for our schools” that focuses on American schools. The state of our educational system may look hopeless, but when something looks hopeless, it is evidence of a spiritual problem. Hope can begin to work in these circumstances. Hope is a spiritual force which grows stronger and… Read More