It’s Time To Be a Praying Partner

Since February 1986, Kenneth Copeland has spent hours in prayer each month asking God and receiving from Him what He wants Kenneth to write in each monthly Partner Letter. It’s a letter that always includes teaching, preaching, revelation, encouragement and understanding. It comes straight from Kenneth’s heart – and the heart of God – to… Read More

The Ministry of the Prophet

How To Receive From the Ministry of the Prophet

When God calls ministers of the gospel, He anoints them with one or more of the fivefold ministry gifts—apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher—and sets them among us to perfect us through revelation. We can connect with these gifts through partnership, which brings us into covenant relationship with them. Once that divine connection is made,… Read More

KCM Europe - Celebrating 40 years of ministry

The Faithfulness of God

Praise God! Kenneth Copeland Ministries are celebrating 40 years of ministry in Europe. During this time, we have connected with believers from over 80 countries across three continents. This is a celebration of the faithfulness of God at work in the lives of the Partners and Friends who support the mission and vision of KCM…. Read More