Gods Prescription for Healing

God’s Prescription for Healing

By Kenneth Copeland Did you know that receiving healing from God isn’t hard? People sometimes make it sound like it is. They talk about it in religious terms that leave the impression that divine healing is a strange, mysterious phenomenon that’s both rare and difficult to understand. But really, the truth is just the opposite…. Read More

Top 10 Questions About Healing

Top 10 Questions About Healing

Healing belongs to you. It was included in your SALVATION package. Still, building faith to receive isn’t always simple, although it’s not meant to be hard. Faith for healing takes desire, effort and most of all, PERSISTENCE. In your journey toward becoming a person who fully enjoys the covenant promise of healing, questions will inevitably… Read More

A Prayer To Receive Revelation of the Goodness of God

There’s a big difference between knowing something mentally, and knowing it experientially and intimately. People can be acquainted with one another, but a husband and wife know each other in a much more intimate way. Demons know Jesus is Lord, but we know Him as Lord in a way that causes us to receive Him and… Read More

Is Healing Really for Everyone

Is Healing Really for Everyone?

This one message on healing will forever alter how you see sickness and disease. by Kenneth Copeland   Your days of sickness and disease are over! I’ll never forget the day God spoke those words to me: It was some of the best news I’d ever heard. I believed it and have been walking in the… Read More

How To Renew Your Youth Like the Eagle

How To Renew Your Youth Like the Eagle

While the world searches in vain, the true secret to longevity is easy to find – it is mentioned in Psalm 103:5 – There, you’ll find the true Source of a long, healthy life, the One “who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s” (NKJV). If you’re… Read More

7 Ways to Live in the Goodness of God

God is a good God. It seems simple, obvious and we know it’s scriptural. God is also the giver of every good and perfect gift (James 1:17) and He takes pleasure in your whole-life prosperity (Psalm 35:27). Jesus came that you might have life abundantly (not lacking, not sick, not broke, not lonely) (John 10:10). We… Read More