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Build Your Faith

The Holy Bible is a book of blood covenants ratified in the sinless blood of Jesus.

God, The Covenant, and the Contradiction is the story of the Bible – the greatest Love story ever told… and the most misunderstood. It’s the true story of the restoration of God’s fallen family. Sin separated them from Him but, in His loving plan, He never let them go.

Through a series of blood covenants, God restored THE BLESSING lost in Eden, joining us to Himself forever through one glorious and eternal Covenant ratified in the precious blood of His own Son.

Gain insight and see the story of the Bible unfold more clearly than ever before in God, The Covenant, and the Contradiction

A time-tested and trusted study resource, the KCM Amplified Bible, Classic Edition, is a tool that lets you explore all the rich nuances and shades of meaning in the Bible text without having to learn the original Greek and Hebrew languages.

Open the pages of this helpful Bible version, and you won’t lose any revelation in translation. Order your copy today!

Tithing is a powerful biblical principle preached in many churches. But until believers gain a deeper understanding of its covenant connection to God and why it matters to Him, it becomes a religious exercise instead of an act of joy and worship.

Get your copy of The Joy and Power of the Tithing Covenant today and gain a deeper understanding of the principal of tithing.