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Debt Free House Testimony

I have been watching your YouTube series on ‘How to increase faith’, ‘Have Bulldog faith’ and ‘How to believe for a debt free house’ for more than a year.

We built a house in 1989 and paid month by month and year by year the mortgage. It seemed to become a never-ending story. In 2020, after watching you on YouTube, I decided to believe God to be debt free before the end of the year. I prayed with my husband that we get a supernatural extra because there was still an amount of 40.000€ to pay back. We proclaimed at the beginning of every month, that we call in from our heavenly account money to pay off the debt.

In November, the Lord sent us a couple who bought our property which we tried to sell almost for three years for an amount twice as much as it is usual in the area were we live. Needless to tell, that everybody laughed about our demand.

But I always said to my husband, the Lord will send us the right man for whom this property is worth it. And He did. Hallelujah!
In December 2020 we cancelled not only our debt, but we even made a surplus. Since, we immediately became partners of KCM Europe.

Gabi, Austria


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