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FAITH STEPS BRING SUCCESS! I had been unemployed since 2002. In that time, I had started my family and taken up some voluntary (volunteer) work here and there. This year, I decided to take on full employment again. At first, I began to entertain doubtful thoughts about my suitability, age and experience. I knew it was the enemy, so I repented of paying attention to those thoughts.

Then I listened to Faith Steps and used it to draw up a step-by-step plan to receive what I wanted. I made a list of what I wanted the employment to represent in my life, and found scriptures to back up every point. I also listed other things I desired, like the kind of office, window view, car parking, distance from home, etc. I followed the plan, confessed the scriptures day and night, and when doubts arose again I dug deeper into steps 5 and 6.

Shortly after I put my plan to work, I heard the Lord lead me to ask for forgiveness from people I had offended. I did so and within 15 minutes I received my first phone call inviting me for an interview. Within one month I attended three interviews and received two offers. I chose the one that matched every item on my request list. I continue to confess the scriptures over my position at work, and I am seeing the hand of God manifest in my work.

B.D.M. | England