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From a Mentality of Lack to a Mentality of Prosperity – Testimony

I love this ministry of KCM. It has helped me so much in my spiritual walk and also prepared me to join a powerful ministry in Heidelberg. Growing more into maturity has been a gradual process, but the seed is showing wonderful results such as shifting from a mentality of lack to a mentality of prosperity and success  in all arenas.

In the BVOV magazine 09/21 I got another push from the testimony of Kent & Priscilla Pate, when they spoke about breaking the spirit of procrastination. They said something like for 30 days make the statement “DO IT NOW” 50 times morning and evening. So I did and it has changed so many things in my life already, and I will continue to do so. To Jesus be the glory, and thanks to all committed Servants of God in KCM and partners.

Angelika, Germany