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Healed from Malaria

I was admitted to the hospital on the 25th June 2023 because of vomiting and diarrhea for 4 days, that is, from Thursday 23th June to Sunday 25th June, before I went to the hospital by Ambulance. I didn’t know I was highly dehydrated due to the vomiting and diarrhea. I was very weak. Whilst in the hospital on the day of my admission, the doctors took many samples of my blood and sent them to the laboratory in order to properly diagnose what was wrong with me. One of the consultants asked me if I had been outside the country recently, I told her I went to Nigeria for 2 weeks and came back to the UK a week before I fell ill. She ordered for another blood test to check if I had malaria in my system. The test result revealed malaria in my system. So they started treating me with drips, antibiotics and malaria medicine. I was put on 24 hours watch in an isolated room.

On the third day, I cried to the Lord from the sick bed and He heard me from His holy hill. The Lord instructed me to phone KCM, I have been a KCM partner for years. I called the ministry whilst waiting for the nurses to take me for an ultrasound. A sister answered the phone and connected me to a Prayer Minister, I told him what is going on in my life and crying at the same time. He prayed seriously for me. I went for the ultrasound and nothing negative was found in my liver. My kidneys were affected due to the dehydration and malaria. I was finally discharged from the hospital on the 30th June 2023 but the doctors were concerned about my kidneys. I was asked to come back to the hospital 10 days after I was discharged for a follow-up check on my kidneys. I went back to the hospital on the 10th July 2023 as an outpatient. Blood samples were taken from my blood and sent to the laboratory, the results came out with no malaria in my system and my kidneys functionally perfectly. This is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in our sight.

Thank KCM team for being available to pray for the partners of the ministry. May the Lord bless you richly. I love and appreciate you all.

Faith – United Kingdom